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Heating Oil


Heating OilHeating oil is one of the mostly used oil alternatives for heating gas central in household in the UK. If we look at the statistics, almost 1.5 million houses across the nation use kerosene as the means of heating oil for enjoying the smooth transportation facility of National Grid. There are households where oil fired boiler is used which is pretty expensive and there are some that do not prefer national gas grid. This limits the opportunities one can avail.
According to the statistics, home fuel oil is used in the rural areas mostly with almost 37% houses using kerosene or gas oil. However, it is still used in the urban areas as well. In town areas with around 10,000 populations, around 5.5% households use gas oil for their central heating system.
The price of gas oil is always changing and it is pretty volatile all the time. Though, over the past few years, the price of crude oil has fallen quite significantly. At Fuel Oil Supplier, you don’t have to worry about the uncertainties since we provide the oil price change graph for a detailed price understanding.

Heating Oil Price

Heating Oil PriceThe price of heating oil can vary dramatically with time and it can change every day. At Fuel Oil Supplier, you get the best price, unmatched customer service, easy booking and delivery facility.
You might think of getting the right quote or the best quote from different suppliers but we make your job easy. We get in touch with the biggest suppliers of heating oil in the UK on a regular basis to offer the best price possible. And we also offer a live heating oil price comparison graph to realize the best price range according to you.
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Factor Affecting Price

There are certain political, economical and logistic factors that can affect the heating oil price.

  • OPEC Agreement

    Agreements made by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries affect the heating oil price.

  • Foreign Exchange Rates

    Due to heavy import of oil from other nations, foreign exchange rate is very crucial.

  • Conflicts

    Conflicts in the oil producing nations affect the price change.

  • Supply & Demand

    Variation in the demand and supply chain changes the price.

Factor Affecting Price
  • Crude Oil Price

    Kerosene is a refined form of crude so changes in the crude price is very vital for heating oil.

  • Fuel Duty & VAT

    Fuel duty and VAT have an impact on the oil price.

  • Delivery Cost

    The delivery cost of fuel changes with the price fluctuation.

  • Weather

    Poor weather decreases the demand and it increases with positive weather.