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Boiler Insurance


Assure Uninterrupted Performance By The Boilers in The House
Situations cannot go worse than having your boiler broken down or quit on you in the mid of the winter. This is pretty predictable that repairing or replacing any part of it would be an expensive affair and that’s the reason why we have brought exclusive insurance program for your boiler so that you can have peace of mind when it breaks down or needs repair.
Here at Fuel Oil Supplier, we provide breakdown insurance for heating oil boilers and central heating systems which cover the cost of repairing and replacing the faulty parts that may have caused the breakdown. The insurance policy is designed by keeping the specific needs of the household in the UK.

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What is covered through the policy?

Depending on what is covered by the policy, either you will have your boiler insured alone or you can have both the boiler and the heating system insured. Below you can find what is covered with our boiler insurance plan:

  • Boiler cover

    Conventional, combination and considering oil fired boilers

  • Water circulating pump (or warm air fans)

  • Motorized valve

  • Time clock/programmer

  • Fire safety valve

Boiler Insurance Policy
  • System cover


  • Radiator valves

  • Room thermostats

  • Expansion tank

  • Plastic oil tank